Perfecto Spanish

Spanish tuition in Surrey and Hampshire

Perfecto Spanish provides Spanish tuition for all ages in the Farnham area. Classes are run for children from the age of 2 upwards. Perfecto Spanish is delighted to be providing extra-curricular classes at a number of local primary schools. These classes use the award winning La Jolie Ronde programme to teach children Spanish in a way that is both educational and fun. Perfecto Spanish also offers private tuition to GCSE and A-level students. Spanish lessons are also available to adults of all levels both at home and in the workplace.

She has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with Natasha and we have been really impressed with both her vocabulary and accent. We are looking forward to seeing her practise her Spanish with her cousins when we go to Spain to visit them next week.
— Year 4 parent, St Peter's
Thank you for such a glowing report of Alex. I’m so proud of how he’s done. He is a child that will put in the work and progress if he’s stimulated during the lessons and enjoys it, both of which are true of the Spanish.
— Year 6 parent, St Peter's
Thank you Penny. She totally loves Spanish. Such a good thing for her to do so we will definitely be signing up for next year.
— Year 1 parent, Folly Hill
She’s really enjoyed it and keeps using little bits at home: she told me “I’m hungry” in Spanish on the weekend
— Year 1 parent, Hale Primary School
We’ve just returned from a holiday in Menorca and wanted to let you know how well William did at speaking Spanish while we were there. He spoke to a lot of staff at our hotel, who were all very impressed at his pronunciation. This ranged from asking for specific colour (slush) drinks, asking for ice creams, telling people his (and his sister’s) name and age, and also telling us the Spanish words for a lot of things (pointing out things like birds, butterflies etc as we moved around). We were very proud of him - particularly as the only Spanish we know is what he has taught us (other than the obvious words)! I know he loves his Spanish class with you and he is definitely learning lots, so thank you.
— Parent, Folly Hill Infant School
It’s amazing that what he learnt from you is still helping him now. Thank you so much for teaching him to have such a love for the language in the early days
— Year 8 parent, Weydon
I love the structure of your lessons, the homework and the follow up emails. You’ve done a sterling job!
— Parent, William Cobbett Primary School
I just wanted to say a big thank you for this term with Olivia. She has really enjoyed her lessons with you and we both wish she hadn’t lost her book for the last couple of classes!!
Thank you also for taking the time to email us each week. It’s much appreciated to see everything that she has learned.
— Parent, Frensham Heights School
Many thanks for all of Ella’s Spanish lesson’s last year. She loves them, is teaching her sister and the rest of us and is very enthusiastic about continuing!
— Parent, Beacon Hill School
Many thanks for making the lessons such fun so that he enjoys it and wishes to continue.
— Parent, Hale Primary School
Molly is still loving Spanish. She answers me in Spanish at home and I have no idea what’s she’s said!!!
— Parent, Hale Primary School
Jack really enjoyed the homework and Spanish is his favourite club. We went to Spain last year and he really enjoyed trying to use some of the words you had taught him.
— Parent, William Cobbett
He really enjoys Spanish and is constantly impressing me with his knowledge! He told me the word for 100 the other day just in conversation. He seems to be really absorbing it.
— Parent, William Cobbett Primary School
Penny has been teaching my husband and I Spanish for the last two years. Penny is an absolutely fantastic teacher, so patient and encouraging. Penny has helped bring our dream of living in Spain a reality -we move there next week!
— Kathryn Hartley
I’ve been so surprised that the Spanish has stuck with her, especially given the delay in finding another tutor. But she really enjoyed her pre-school classes with you. Having such a positive experience when she was four years old means that she now sees Spanish as one of ‘her’ things.
— Pre school parent
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the hard work you put in last term. I have been really impressed by the amount of preparation that goes into your classes and your feedback.
— Parent, St John's School in Churt
We are loving the words he is recalling and he’s even been teaching his cousin a few words too!
— Parent, Footsteps Nursery
Thank you very much for once again inspiring and encouraging William with his Spanish. He is very keen to continue next term and is really enjoying it
— Parent, Beacon Hill Primary Community School
Penny is a great teacher, she manages to keep the children’s attention after a long day at school.

She uses lots of songs and games to keep the children’s interest peaked. Quite often they don’t even know they’re learning. I don’t know how Penny manages to do it time after time. She is so patient and always makes it fun.

My Spanish is gradually improving too, just from watching my child in classes.
— Naomi Read.
Hola Señora Penny, Antonia was so fired up after class she came home and tackled a couple of chapters straight off. We had a little ‘dispute’ over the pronouncation of ‘ventana’, so in a fit of pique, Antonia listened to her CD which proved a wonderful correction aid
— Parent, William Cobbett Primary School, Farnham.
Just to let you know Annelie is really enjoying the sessions and often surprises me with random Spanish words coming out so they must be sticking in there somewhere! The weekly email is very much appreciated as she doesn’t always share her school day with us. We are very pleased that you have given her the enthusiasm to learn this useful language skill. Keep up the good work.
— Parent, Beacon Hill Community Primary School
My four year has learned some useful Spanish vocabulary and grown in confidence after a year at Perfecto Spanish. He quite happily goes up to strangers in Spain with a cheery hola and certainly knows how to order helado, cerveza and vino rosado and also ask for the cuenta. Sadly he is not paying yet
— Parent, Pre-School Spanish
as usual we have loved your Spanish classes and look forward to continuing next term. I love it when Rowan randomly comes out with a spanish word for something without any prompting!
— Fiona Ellis